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65 Cool Things That Seem Expensive but Are Cheap AF on Amazon

Mar 03, 2024Mar 03, 2024

They’re surprisingly cheap.

One of the many tricks to saving money is to buy stuff that looks expensive but isn’t expensive. With a little persistence and some shopping savviness, you can easily find everything from plush bed sheets to stylish hammock chairs at shockingly low prices. But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for deals? Not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of cool things that seem expensive, but are really cheap AF — and you can find them all right on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see more.

Not only can this hammock chair support up to 500 pounds, but it also features a strong iron bar at the top that won’t mold over time like a wooden bar can do. There’s also a pocket on the side where you can keep books, remotes, as well as other small items —and you even have the choice of five colors.

Whether you’re drinking cheap red or white, this aerator can help unlock its flavors to make it taste like a much pricier bottle. Simply insert it into the top of the bottle, and it’ll work its magic as the wine pours through. And if you’re worried about spills? Don’t be — its silicone base creates an airtight fit, while the tapered tip helps keep drips to a minimum.

Don’t be fooled by its small size — this Bluetooth speaker still delivers impressive volume and bass, all while taking up hardly any space in your bag. Its waterproof design makes it a smart pick for pool days or trips to the beach. Plus, the battery lasts for up to eight hours before it needs to be recharged.

Hiking, jogging, lounging at the pool — this wearable fan makes it easy to stay cool regardless of what your outdoor plans are. It’s designed to hang around your neck, eliminating the need to hold it up in order to feel its cooling breeze. Plus, the rechargeable battery can run for up to 16 hours before you need to plug it into an outlet.

Whereas most reusable water bottles are round, this one has a flat, square shape that makes it easy to slip into your bag or pocket. It’s made from tough Tritan plastic that’s BPA-free — all while its leakproof lid ensures that your bag stays dry, even if it tips over.

Keys, phones, wallets — whatever items you’re commonly misplacing, this little tile can help you find them. Attach it to the item in question, and the next time it goes missing you’ll be able to use the smartphone app to see its location in real time. Or, if you’re still having trouble finding it, you can also use the app to have the tile let out a loud ring (from up to 250 feet away) so that it’s easy to locate.

Order an airplane bottle on your next flight, and you’ll be able to use this kit to make a delicious old fashioned while you’re traveling. It comes with all the ingredients you’ll need (save for alcohol and ice), including sugar cubes, orange zest, a muddler, as well as bitters. “We camp a lot and fly a few times a year, and find these kits to be great for both,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

You shouldn’t have any trouble hearing this doorbell throughout the first floor of your home, as its volume is adjustable up to four levels and it has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet. It comes pre-loaded with 50 different chimes — almost enough for you to change it up every week of the year — and each order comes with batteries included.

From dry pasta to liquid egg whites, this food scale is perfect for weighing out all sorts of ingredients. It can handle up to 11 pounds and features four adjustable units of measurement: pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters. The best part? You also have the choice of more than 10 colors, ranging from classic black to a fun red option.

Not only is this bidet a cost-effective alternative to toilet paper, but it’s also so easy to install that you shouldn’t have any trouble doing it on your own — no need to call a plumber. Its water pressure is adjustable up to six levels, and you can easily tweak the spraying angle by pressing a button on the side control panel. Plus, all pieces are either rustproof or rust-resistant.

The cost of always having to purchase new lighters quickly adds up, so why not save some money and switch over to this rechargeable one? Instead of a flame, it produces an electronic plasma arc that you can use to light candles, grills, and more. The best part? The plasma arc is windproof as well as moisture-resistant, making it suitable for use in poor weather.

Keep this touchscreen cleaner in your bag, and it’ll always be ready to go when your laptop, phone, or tablet screen is looking a little too dirty to use. Simply spritz the screen, then wipe it clean using the microfiber cloth sides on the sprayer. “It's easy to use, compact, and the spray bottle is refillable,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I love how I just spray my cars display screen and can use the same spray bottle to wipe away my many fingerprints.”

Got a call for work scheduled? Make sure to clip this LED ring light onto your laptop beforehand. It casts you in warm light to help brighten the video, and its rechargeable battery even lasts for up to two hours when on the brightest setting.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh salsa or a delicious smoothie, this personal blender can help you whip it up in no time at all. Sharp stainless steel blades on the inside easily power through everything from nuts to ice cubes, while a convenient sip lid lets you convert the blending jar into a to-go cup — just in case you’re in a rush out the door on a busy morning.

If you often find yourself needing more than two outlets, consider adding this extender to your wall. It adds four outlets, three USB ports, as well as one type-C port, making it easy to charge a variety of devices — all while built-in surge protection works to protect your devices from electrical spikes.

The center panel of this foldable vanity mirror is backlit, making it easy to do your makeup regardless of how dark your surroundings are. It also features two- and three-times magnification — just in case you want to get those winged eyeliner tips looking just right — and many reviewers raved about how it’s the “perfect size.”

Tired of flying pests buzzing around your food? This deterrent works similarly to a miniature fan, as its spinning blades work to keep all sorts of flying bugs away from your meals. The blades are soft, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally touching them while they’re spinning — and it’s even completely chemical-free.

Where you install these incandescent light bulbs is up to you — but regardless of where they go, they’ll cast a warm, inviting glow to help you relax in peace. Though if you need a suggestion? Their teardrop shape makes them perfect for the lights above your kitchen island. And since they’re dimmable, you can easily adjust their brightness by attaching them to a dimmer switch.

Whereas most headphones will leave your ears feeling sore if you try sleeping in them, the speakers inside of Bluetooth ones are wrapped inside a soft headband, making it easy to fall asleep while wearing them. The headband is also sweat-resistant — just in case you’re a hot sleeper — and you can even pull it down over your eyes to help block out light.

From serrated knives to dull scissors, this kitchen knife sharpener is designed to work with nearly any type of blade. Just drag your blade through the top, and it’ll have it back to good working condition within about four swipes — no electricity required. And unlike some sharpeners, this one features a suction cup base to help keep it in place while using it.

Not only are these gloves great for taking hot items out of your oven, but they’re so heat-resistant that you can even use them to handle meats directly on your grill. They should be able to withstand very high temperatures, and there are even silicone nubs on the palms to help you keep a firm grip on whatever you’re holding.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for sleek kitchen lights — just grab this LED light bar. It installs underneath your cabinets using adhesive or screws, both of which come included. And at only 1 inch in thickness, it’s incredibly unlikely that it’ll be visible unless you go looking for it.

Instead of wasting time trimming plants by hand, why not save yourself some stress and use this cordless trimmer? It’s lightweight as well as durable and features an ergonomic handle so that it’s easy to handle all around your garden. Each order also includes two blades: a 4-inch one for smaller jobs, as well as a 6-inch one for larger bushes.

Always misplacing your keys? Add this key holder to your entryway, and you’ll always have somewhere to put them when you come home. Three powerful magnets on the inside allow it to hold up to 7 ounces, making it suitable for multiple sets of keys — and installation is as easy as sticking it into place using the included adhesive.

While scrubbing with your fingers does an alright job at cleaning your scalp, the silicone bristles on this shampoo brush wash away oil and massage your head at the same time. A handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet — and each order even includes a second interchangeable head so that you can massage your head when not in the shower.

Simply press your sponge down into the top of this dispenser, and it’ll inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers — no waste within sight. The best part? The raised edges around the top mean you can also use it as a sponge holder.

Don’t bust out a ladder the next time you need to clean your fan blades — just grab this duster instead. Its telescopic handle extends out from 27 to 47 inches, making it easy to reach distant shelves, light fixtures, and more. Plus, its microfiber head traps dirt within its fibers, holding onto it tightly until you’re ready to shake it out over a trashcan.

You don’t have to risk undercooking that steak — just check its internal temperature using this meat thermometer. Its backlit screen makes it easy to read when grilling outside at night, while a helpful guide on the handle tells you the ideal cooking temperatures for meat, poultry, and more. And since it’s also waterproof, washing it afterward is a total breeze.

Some duvet inserts are too heavy for summer or light for winter — but this one is filled with a breathable down alternative, making it suitable for use in any season. Box stitching throughout works to keep the filling evenly distributed no matter how hard you toss and turn. Plus, it even features eight tabs around the edges that you can use to secure it into place inside of your duvet.

Yanking away at knotted strands can be incredibly painful, so why not use this detangling brush instead? Its cone-shaped bristles gently separate strands, allowing knots to easily work themselves out within just a few swipes. It’s also suitable for all types of hair and comes in nine fun colors.

Accidentally leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with bugs inside your home — that’s why this magnetic option is such a good find. A series of magnets running down the center allow it to seal itself shut after you’ve passed through. And since the mesh is super-strong, you can even walk through it without parting the magnets, making it easy to use when your hands are full.

Using your phone while driving can be dangerous — instead, pop it into this mount. It attaches to your dashboard so that it’s easy to see your phone screen when following GPS, and features a telescopic arm so that it’s easy to adjust its viewing angle. Plus, the universal design makes it suitable for use with nearly any phone.

`Don’t have time for a pedicure? Not a problem when you have this callus remover. Not only is it great for exfoliating away dead skin, but it also has a light lemon scent that leaves your feet smelling oh-so-fresh. Just let your feet soak for about 10 minutes, dry them, add the gel, and then exfoliate.

Curled rugs can be a tripping hazard — that’s where these grippers come in handy. The V-shaped design helps keep them from twisting around like plain rug tape and even allows them to fit perfectly into the corners of your rugs. And unlike some grippers, these ones are tough enough for indoor and outdoor use.

If your garage is looking a little cluttered, consider taking a look at these straps. They’re great for organizing hoses, extension cables, rope, and more, keeping them all neatly wrapped so that they’re easy to store. And since they’re made from heavy-duty nylon, each one can easily support up to 50 pounds.

Closet overflowing with shoes? Consider stashing all the seasonal ones inside these organizers. Their low profile makes it easy to slide them underneath your bed, while a transparent top lets you see what’s inside each one without having to unpack anything. Each order comes with two: one that can fit up to 16 pairs of standard shoes, as well as a second that can hold up to four pairs of larger boots.

Every home has that one corner that’s turned into a jumbled mess of cables and wires, so why not grab these holders? The slots are large enough to fit practically any type of charging cable — from svelte lightning cables to chunkier USBs. And since it also features an adhesive backing, you can easily stick it right into place on your desk, wall, or nearly anywhere else.

From deep red to soothing blue, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this umbrella in a color that suits your style. Its reverse-folding frame traps rain droplets when you close it so that they don’t fall onto your floors, while its sturdy frame works to keep it from turning inside out in strong winds. “This inverted umbrella makes getting in and out of your car a breeze [...]” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “The water stays inside the umbrella and not all over you like traditional umbrellas.”

When your regular toilet scrubber isn’t tough enough to get rid of those water rings, it may be time to break out this pumice stone. It easily powers through hard water buildup, mildew, and more — and the handle makes it easy to keep a firm grip when cleaning. And while tough on grime, it won’t leave behind scratches on delicate porcelain.

With its soft memory foam filling that contours to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for this pillow every time you lie down. Not only is it supportive, but it also features a breathable case to help keep you cool — and you can even remove it for washing if needed.

This bento-style lunch box is definitely worth a look for anyone who takes meals with them on the go. Dividers on the inside keep the different parts of your meal separated, while an included utensil set makes it easy to eat on the go. The entire lunch box can hold almost 3 cups’ worth of food.

Salad greens, veggies, nuts — this rocker knife is great for chopping up all sorts of ingredients in no time at all. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel and features two blades to help you get any job done in half the time it would take using a regular knife. Plus, each order includes a protective sheath for storage.

Not only is this countertop trash can a great place to toss tea bags, sugar packets, and other small pieces of garbage, but its brushed stainless steel exterior also helps keep it looking clean and fingerprint-free. The best part? Its swing-top lid helps conceal all the trash inside until you’re ready to empty it out.

Keeping sunglasses inside your center console is an easy way to wind up with scratched lenses — instead, store them inside this holder. It clips onto your sun visor so that they’re always within reach. And unlike some holders, this one is made from sleek faux leather that’s just as stylish as it is durable.

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Not a problem when you have this cooling rack. Three tiers give you triple the space for baked goods — and since it collapses down to a fraction of its size, finding a place to store it should be no sweat at all.

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these pathway lights, as each one features a built-in solar panel that keeps them shining for eight or more hours at night — just press them into the ground and they’re ready to go. And since they’re made from stainless steel, they’re also less likely to rust over time.

Pop one of these brush heads into your hand drill, and you’ll instantly be able to use it as a high-powered scrubber when cleaning everything from dirt to mildew. The bristles are made from sturdy nylon that won’t leave behind scratches — and you even have the choice of five colors: yellow, white, green, blue, or black.

If you find your legs often falling asleep in bed, consider propping them up on this wedge pillow. Its 45-degree angle helps stimulate blood circulation throughout your muscles — and the extra-wide design means you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting both legs on top. And if the cover ever gets dirty? Simply zip it off for a quick wash.

Heal pimples and reduce inflammation with these vegan acne cover patches, which work thanks to ingredients like tea tree oil, calendula oil, and cica. Wear the transparent patches to bed and wake up with calmer skin.

The hydrocolloid dressing within each of these acne patches draws impurities out from your blemishes, helping flatten them within just a few hours. They’re vegan, translucent, and have over 44,000 five-star ratings. Not to mention, they’re available in both 40 and 80 packs.

If your shoes need a refresh, give them a few spritzes with this deodorizing spray. Its potent blend of seven different essential oils quickly removes unwanted odors, leaving your shoes smelling like refreshing peppermint. And unlike some deodorizers, this one is made without any talc.

This can opener, as it does all the twisting and opening for you with the simple press of a button. Unlike some can openers, it shouldn’t create a sharp edge as it slices away the lid — and it only needs four AA batteries (which are not included) in order to open dozens of cans.

With a low profile that allows it to fit inside some drawers, this plasticware organizer is a must-have — especially if your kitchen has that one cabinet filled with mismatched lids. The dividers in the center are adjustable, making it suitable for use with lids of nearly any shape or size. It’s also BPA-free.

Looking for a set of quality glasses that won’t break the bank? Search no further than this set that comes with matching straws and bamboo lids. Each one is made from food-grade crystal glass that’s completely lead-free — and since the straws have bent tips, sipping from them is a total breeze.

While paper towels can be convenient, they’re also incredibly wasteful — that’s why I’m a big fan of these dishcloths. They’re made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers that are gentle on nonstick cookware, yet still tough on grime. And since they dry quickly, they’re also less likely to become mildewy when left out.

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover uses hundreds of tiny bristles that latch onto hair, pulling it off your clothes, upholstery, carpets, and more. A small dustbin in the back holds onto everything until you’re ready to empty it out — and many reviewers raved about how it “really works.”

If you’re hesitant when it comes to drilling into your walls, consider opting for this towel rack instead. Two hooks allow you to hang it over any standard-sized door — and since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s even resistant to rust. Choose from two finishes: brushed nickel or chrome.

Tablets, books, wine glasses, candles — this bath tray has space for all of it and more. It’s made from sleek bamboo that gives any tub a spa-like vibe. And at 27 inches wide, you can rest assured that it’s large enough to fit nearly any tub.

Whereas some foot peels rely on harsh chemicals to exfoliate away the skin, these ones are formulated with a blend of fruit acids and extracts — and the booties are even large enough to fit up to a size 11. Simply let your feet soak for about an hour. Over the next two weeks that flaking outer layer of skin will begin to shed away, leaving you with oh-so-soft feet.

Since these microfiber wraps can absorb more water than cotton, they can help your hair dry faster simply by putting them on. The result? You’ll need to spend less time underneath a blow dryer, which can help keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. And since they weigh less than large towels, they shouldn’t put a strain on your neck if you walk around the house wearing them.

Not only are these bed sheets resistant to stains, but they’re also less likely to wrinkle or fade after dozens of washes. They’re made from microfiber that’s just as breathable as it is soft, and even helps wick away moisture if you sweat — a must-have for hot sleepers.

This pitcher is made from tough borosilicate glass that can handle sudden temperature changes and features an airtight cap to help keep your coffee fresh until you’re ready to sip. “It is easy to clean, the glass is lead-free and the filter food-grade stainless steel and so no worries about toxins leaching into your coffee,” raved Amazon reviewer.

It’s time to save yourself some money by upgrading to these baking sheets. They’re made from tough silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit — and since they’re also nonstick, all your food easily lifts away once it’s finished cooking.

These shower shoes are made from soft EVA with a little extra support in the arches for comfort. They also feature drainage holes to help them dry quickly when wet, and the nonslip outsoles work to help keep you safe when walking in damp spaces.

Air poppers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets — instead, opt for this bowl. Not only does it collapse down to a fraction of its size to help you save space, but it also features stay-cool handles on either side so that it’s easy to take out of the microwave once your kernels have finished popping. Choose from more than 15 colors.

I’m the type of person who likes to overpack, which is why I’m a big fan of these packing cubes. Not only do they help you fit even more stuff inside your suitcase, but they’re also great for keeping it organized. The zippered mesh tops let you see what’s inside each cube so that you know where everything is stored — and each order even includes a wet bag for dirty clothes.

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