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The $10 Solution to Keeping Your Olive Oil Fresh

May 13, 2024May 13, 2024

This bottle helps slow down the spoilage of your oil.

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If you're cooking your way through the Mediterranean Diet like we are, you probably love to use olive oil. One of the world's most health-packed, flavorful oils, it's used across many different countries and continents that dot the Mediterranean sea, and loved by many Americans. But what if I told you the bottle you might be storing it in, could actually be degrading the precious oil?

Olive oil, both standard and extra virgin, shouldn't be left in a clear container outside of your pantry, according to a study from UC Davis. The UV rays from light can actually accelerate the deterioration of the oils quality and flavor. To make matters worse, a lot of the bulk or conventional oils are stored in these kinds of plastic jugs. If you're guilty of leaving your olive oil out in a clear dispenser, exposed to the sun, we have a very simple solution for you: This $10 tinted bottle.

To buy: Aozita 17-Ounce Tinted Glass Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser, $9.99;

Olive oil can be pricey, so it makes sense to buy it in bulk. Though scoring it in an already tinted container from the start is great, sometimes the clear plastic bottles are the only option. But regardless of what you buy your olive oil in, this spouted bottle from Aozite is a much-needed accessory. Its design is made to make cooking easier—not only is it a more compact option, but it makes it easy to drizzle the right amount, and it'll protect the oils composition.

The bottle itself is made with tinted glass, in a fitting green shade. It's 17-ounces, so it's big enough to last for weeks without refilling often, but small and narrow enough to take up little space on your countertop. There is also a stainless steel funnel included, which allows you to neatly pour the oil in, as well as two pour spouts and two seal tops and inner corks.

The first pour spout has a standard open top, and it comes with a small black cap to pop on top when you're not using it. The other pour spout comes with a flap cap that opens as soon as you go to pour. And the seal tops and corks will give the bottle a leak-proof seal, so it's great if you need to store or transport the bottle when it's filled. And, when you're ready to clean it, all parts are dishwasher-safe.

This bottle has a staggering 18,500 perfect ratings at Amazon, with shoppers calling out how much of a difference the bottle has made, since it's easy to use, doesn't leak, and protects the oil from the sunlight. "The elegant design and vibrant green color add a touch of sophistication to my kitchen," one user said. "The quality glass construction ensures the freshness and flavor of my olive oil," they added in their review, also noting that the funnels and pourers make dispensing the oil easy. A second shopper echoed this sentiment, writing, "I have noticed a difference in my flavor profile while cooking."

"This is easy to refill (unlike the bottles olive oil comes in), fits perfectly in my hand, and has a slower spout so there's no 'oops all oil!' moments. It's slim and looks great in my kitchen without taking up a lot of space," a third reviewer wrote about the bottle. Others note that they appreciate that the dispenser isn't so tinted that you can't see how much is left, either.

With a genius design to protect your olive oil, and a ton of ratings to back it up, this Aozita tinted olive oil dispenser is exactly what you need to preserve that lush, fruity flavor we know and love. Add it straight to your cart, then get started on all of our favorite Mediterranean dishes.

At the time of publishing, the price was $10.

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